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Our Mission is to constantly improve the methods and the quality of construction processes through research, innovation and cooperation with designers, engineers and contractors worldwide.


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SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF CRYOGENIC STATIC LOAD TEST ON PT SYSTEM - Laboratory of MPA (Materials testing and Research Institute), Karlsruhe (Germany) Once again, TENSA confirms its continuous effort in products development and testing towards higher levels of products’ performance! We have brilliantly completed a full scale cryogenic static load test in compliance with ETAG013 and SR 88/2. The complete tendon, made of 27 strands provided with 27MTAI anchorages, has been tested at the extremely severe condition of -196°C, providing a brilliant result in full compliance with the most stringent acceptance standards on the market. The achieved results provide again proof of the perfect suitability of our PT system for use in #LNGtanks and all applications where extreme cold conditions may affect the standard use of systems. www.tensainternational.com
May 17, 2016
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LIVE FROM CONSTRUCTION SITES - QATAR, Doha We are involved in a prominent project in the capital of Qatar, where the Qatar Rail has commissioned a newly built transportation system. Tensa is supplying post tensioning equipment and material for the construction of a 2200 mt double-track viaduct made of 650 precast segments, which will be launched with a span by span launching girder supplied by Deal - Solutions that make the difference. www.tensainternational.com
May 11, 2016
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READY FOR A NEW CHALLENGE - Italy - Verona - Adige Verona Fashion Mall Tensa is designing and manufacturing 290 TSTD systems (Shock Transmitters) for the seismic isolation of the under-construction Adige Verona Fashion Mall. The Mall, a four-storey building with a total area of 125.000 square meters, will become one of the city symbols and will be completed in 6/7 months, thanks to the use of precast elements. www.tensainternational.com
May 03, 2016
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Tensa - Your Challenges, Our Solutions and Deal - Solutions that make the difference live from 2016 PTI Convention!
April 26, 2016
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LIVE FROM CONSTRUCTION SITES - Kuwait - Kuwait city Tensa is the subcontractor for the execution of the post-tensioning works (16,000 tons of pc strand) and the supplier of bearings and shear keys (total of 800No.) for the Jamal Abdul Nasser Project. This is one of the major infrastructure and road development projects taking place in the State of Kuwait, and will transform and upgrade the existing street into a motorway that adheres to international standards. www.tensainternational.com
April 19, 2016
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Today we will be at the Technical Seminar held in Munich, Germany by the Engineering Company Matrics on the topic of the EAD16 standard. Such standard will soon replace the old ETAG013 European guideline for PT kits. Seminar will have the participation of almost all Technical Assessment Bodies and the most important PT companies. Here below a link to conference program.
April 18, 2016
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The Vice President of the Republic of Colombia, Germán Vargas Lleras, recently visited the “Proyecto Cartagena-Barranquilla y circunvalar de la prosperidad” construction site. Both Tensa and Deal are involved in this mega project, providing design services, construction engineering, equipment, pre and post tensioning systems, bearings, expansion joints and stressing equipment to Rizzani de Eccher Colombia.
April 15, 2016
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CASE STUDY - Iraq - Bashra - Al Sewyrah Cable Stayed Bridge #Challenge: Construction of a composite steel/concrete deck cable cable stayed bridge spanning 150m. #Solution: Tensa's scope of works is the supply and the installation of stay cables, and the supply of elastomeric bearings, isolators and expansion joints. #Outcome: The installation of stay cables for the first half span has been completed. www.tensainternational.com
April 12, 2016
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On April 24th - 26th Tensa is taking part in the PTI Convention in Long Beach, CA with a booth and on Monday 25th in the morning, session on PT bridges, a presentation on "Experiences and reflections on EIT post-tensioning" will be made by us. We will see you there!
April 05, 2016
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It is with the greatest pleasure that we present our new website. Enjoy it!
April 01, 2016
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