TENSA is leader in the design, production and installation of post tensioning and ground anchor systems used in the construction, strengthening and rehabilitation of harbors, ports and other marine structures to meet modern design and safety standards.


The TENSA post tensioning and ground anchors technologies can be for a range of applications in port and marine works that include providing:

  • Port quay anchoring
  • Sheet pile walls tie rods
  • Jetty reinforcement
  • Dyke anchoring

TENSA ground anchors are typically used for tying down of quays, dikes to the soil.

TENSA post tensioning systems can be used for reinforcement of jetties or container terminal floors. 

TENSA bars are used for sheet pile walls tie rods.

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Thanks to its experienced team of engineers and technicians, TENSA is able to guarantee the highest and worldwide accepted quality standards to every step of the post tensioning process, from the design, to production and on-site installation.

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Almost 50 years of worldwide experience in the field allow TENSA to provide customized solutions to meet all the clients' needs. TENSA’s ground anchors are developed within an overall improvement program including anchors and post-tensioning products.

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