Stay cables

30 years’ experience, more than 50 worldwide applications, continuous improvement and innovation have allowed TENSA to stay at the forefront of the stay cables technology, continuously releasing new and customized solutions for its clients.

Key advantages

  • High protection against corrosion both in the anchorage area and in the free length of stays
  • Resistance to axial and bending fatigue load
  • Easy replaceability and maintenance
  • Easy and efficient installation
  • Improved aesthetics

Systems available

TSR System

The TSR stay cable system consists of a compact bundle of parallel seven-wire steel strands enclosed in a  high density polyethylene circular duct.

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TSRF System

This system features all the main advantages of the TSR system and it is provided with a fork and pin connection that links to a clevis plate on the structure.

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TSS system is suitable either for cable stayed or for extra-dosed bridges. One of the greatest advantages of the TSS saddle systems is to allow designers to simplify the pylon structure and use very slender profiles to achieve an attractive appearance.

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Thanks to its experienced team of engineers and technicians, TENSA is able to guarantee the highest and worldwide accepted quality standards to every step of the post tensioning process, from the design, to production and on-site installation.

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Almost 50 years of worldwide experience in the field allow TENSA to provide customized solutions to meet all the clients' needs. TENSA’s ground anchors are developed within an overall improvement program including anchors and post-tensioning products.

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